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blue home offices

blue home offices

Blue is a very popular color for home renovations of all types and styles because it is chic, compatible, and many people love shades of blue. Today we’re sharing some ideas on how to incorporate this color into your home office decor. There is a reason for this: blue is a great color that lets you stay focused yet relaxed enough, perfect for working, isn’t it?

As I said above, blue is a great color for almost every style from the farmhouse to the minimalist. It may be difficult to incorporate into Scandinavian or shabby chic, but it is still possible so the style of your home office doesn’t really matter. What you really need to consider is which shade you are going to use: lighter tones are more relaxing and casual, while dark midnight and navy blues, which are commonly used, can make you feel a bit annoyed, but navy is the number one color for accent walls create, and it looks great. Are you going to use your blue on all of the walls or just one? Are you going to do most of the room in this shade of blue? Find out before you apply blue to your home office.

Blue goes great with many other colors, from any neutral color that makes it appear fresher and bolder, to super bright colors that appear in such a background. Dark tones are also welcome to create a very sophisticated and chic look. Bring some shiny metals like gold or brass to add glamor to the look and enjoy!

Rustic Easter decor is very popular as this is a cozy family vacation. Easter eggs are not only the main treat, but also the main decoration for this day. Therefore, decorate them in a rustic style. There are several ideas for making them look rustic: burlap, lace, string, feathers, fabric, etc. Let me introduce the most popular options.

Burlap and string

Burlap and string are some of the most popular rustic materials, so you can just use them to cover the eggs. You can leave them unchanged or add vintage buttons, pictures, wood decorations, etc. This way you can make the eggs both vintage and rustic, so they go with two styles.


Don't you like coloring eggs? Cover them with moss! Add buttons, flowers, burlap, put in tiny baskets or woven egg holders for a cool, rustic look. Another nice idea is to buy wooden eggs and decorate them with wire and moss to make the eggs look industrial and rustic.

Other ideas

You can dye the egg pastel colors and add a speckle decor. Coloring eggs with natural products is a rustic idea, and you can add nature-inspired prints too. If you're not keen to die, try rustic-inspired decals like a hen, rooster, chicken, rabbit, and so on. Another idea is to attach feathers to the eggs. Such eggs look ethereal and super cute, not only rustic, but also Scandinavian and modern.

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