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blue bathrooms

blue bathrooms

Blue is perhaps the most popular color used in home renovations. Why so? It’s universal – it goes with any style, it’s peaceful and comfortable, this color is very soothing, unless you go for super neon colors. Blue is a very natural color for all types of spaces from kitchens to home offices, but today I share blue bathrooms and I am sure you will love them!

Shades and color schemes

First, decide which shade of blue you like – navy, royal blue, light blue, light blue, neon blue? With the main decision made, it’s time to choose a style to use. Although most homeowners choose the same style as everywhere to make the spaces cohesive, I would say that a bathroom is relatively small and you can get the style you’ve always wanted to try, boho for example.

What colors and shades can blue be combined with? First and foremost, neutrals who are sure to freshen up the room a lot. Second, these can be different warm metallics for contrast and chic – brass and gold are your choices, although copper will be beautiful too. If you want an atmospheric bathroom, choose graphite gray and black. If you want a colorful room, light shades are your choice.

How to engage

A completely blue bathroom isn’t very common, but if you feel like it, just do it! If not, there are a number of ways you can elegantly incorporate your blues without going all blue. This could be walls, floors, tiles in the shower room or even furniture and nothing else – if you choose too much blue it won’t stand out too much. Check out some ideas below and enjoy!

String art is very popular today, and more and more DIYs are appearing. You can make your own or buy one for any time of year and vacation you like. Today we're sharing some string art ideas for winter and Christmas. Most of these are pretty easy to make and don't require a lot of skill or additional instruction, so you can easily create them after one look. Let's start.

Winter String Art Pieces

Make some cool winter string artwork to give your home a winter feel. It can be a pretty snowflake in white or silver, or a Christmas tree in white on a blackboard sign, or maybe a funny snowman - such a work of art is suitable for both adults and children. Go for neutral colors or white to feel the winter spirit.

Christmas String Art Pieces

Christmas art ideas are endless! Christmas trees of all colors, with lights inside and out, Christmas decorations, candy canes, gifts, deer heads, Santa hats and maybe even a truck with a Christmas tree for a fun feel. Rock emerald, red and white as a traditional Christmas color scheme that will add color and joy to your space.

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