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(notitle) (notitle) lego kids party ideas

Legos are one of the favorite toys of boys and girls. You are creative and keep developing. I think a lot of children have them at home. Turn your child's favorite toy into a party theme when there is an occasion! LEGO children's parties are brave, fun and easy to recreate.

LEGO party decor

Lego is a fantastic party theme as you can use these pieces to decorate yourself or just imitate them yourself! Invite your children to play with Legos and make tableware and napkin racks, signs with the name or age of the birthday child, or draw faces in Lego style on balloons. Add colorful tassels, cardboard signs, banners, and other decor. Place favors in Lego-style boxes and turn your doors into giant LEGOs.

LEGO party food

Lego party food should be colorful and no less fun than the decor itself! Make rice krispie treats and cookies in LEGO shape, decorate cupcakes and the cake with edible LEGO figures and make your own Lego rubbers, that's a brilliant idea! Take bold desserts like macarons in traditional LEGO colors and all the kids will be delighted to eat them! Don't forget to decorate a dessert table yourself with Legos, banners and garlands with Lego motifs.

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