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Blocked account
funny pool floats for kids

Blocked account funny pool floats for kids

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Pool poses make pool time super fun and your pool inviting. Floats can be speakers, toys, or just swimmers to relax in, and if you have kids I think these parts are a must have. What can you buy to delight your kids? Let's take a look at the coolest options.


The animal theme is perhaps the most popular one for children's pool swimmers. These can be some marine animals: lobsters, sharks, orcas, turtles, and even aquatic dinosaurs. You can also find some birds like swans, ducks and so on. Lizards and unicorns are welcome for those looking for something out of the ordinary. Remember that your children's swimmers should be comfortable, safe, colorful, and have handles for comfort.


Foodie poses are cute and fun too. I'm sure your kids would love to try a hot dog or donut pose - choose the fun and colorful types of food, of course!

Other ideas

There are so many fun and cute ideas to try out! If you have young children, consider options with very comfortable seats and secure handles to keep the child safe. If you have multiple kids or are planning a pool party, why not buy a private floating island for your pool? Another fun idea is a maze, and a floating ring toss will keep the kids busy all day.

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