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black kitchen designs

black kitchen designs

black kitchen designs

Let's not waste time, let's make our homes better places! A kitchen is often a centerpiece of your home when you cook, gather, and spend a lot of time, and it should look really nice and inviting. Black is a timeless color and since atmospheric decor is trending right now, it's even more popular. It's great to rock in any room, it's very compatible and if you're thinking of how to incorporate it into your space let's start with kitchens - black kitchens are ultimate and super edgy!

Color schemes and textures

Black kitchens don't just mean that everything is black. You can also use different colors, shades, and textures for a bold look. White and gray are the most obvious pairs for black, but you can also try red, green, navy, gold, and any shade of wood. Add cool metal fasteners, make tile, concrete or stone back walls, choose marble or concrete slabs, think of brick walls or even wallpaper to make the kitchen cooler. All the decorations and colors you use will depend on the style you have chosen: contemporary, minimalist, industrial or otherwise.

Furniture and decor

The most popular idea is a minimalist black kitchen, that is, sleek black cabinets with no handles, built-in lights and appliances. Imagine a statement and an oversized kitchen island that would also include a dining room and you can make it stand out. If you want a contemporary look, add contrasting wood and marble or stone to the decor. If you're industrial, you can rock brick, metal cabinets, stone and concrete countertops, and bold pendant lights. Remember that black is dark and you will need more light than usual - choose large windows, skylights, and multiple layers of light. Check out the ideas below and get inspired!

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