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black and white bathroom decor

black and white bathroom decor

Black and white is a timeless color scheme for any room, but many people today say it’s too ordinary and boring. I’ve prepared some cool ideas for black and white in the bathroom, but I still keep them interesting and great. I hope you will enjoy some of them.

Mosaic tiles / printed wallpaper

Mosaic tiles on the walls or on the floor will definitely make your space eye-catching and interesting. Choose them in black and white with some patterns or just dress them up in a pattern like chevron and enjoy the look! Wallpaper is a hot trend now and using some wallpaper in your bathroom or powder room is a great idea too. Go for printed wallpaper with flowers or geometric patterns to add personality to your space.


Textures always create interest and you can go for a lot of different ideas in your bathroom. Go for wooden furniture and countertops that will instantly add coziness and chic to the bathroom, and such an idea will never go out of style. Try concrete sinks, marble floors, crystal chandeliers, faux fur rugs, and potted plants to give your bathroom a lively feel.

A kitchen island is a must have for all kitchens except the smallest. It is a convenient surface for washing, peeling and cooking. But a kitchen island can have more functions: it can have storage space, dog food, a dining area or breakfast. Let's take a look at the coolest kitchen islands with dining areas.

Kitchen islands with a dining area

Choose a kitchen island that matches your decorating style and colors and decide where you want a dining area: on one side of the island, in part of it if it's long, or maybe you prefer the whole island to be one Dining area is. Everything here depends on the shape and appearance of your island, and you can incorporate some storage shelves into the island as well.

Two-tier kitchen islands

A modern trend is a two-story kitchen island that instantly defines the dining area. There is usually a raised countertop that becomes the dining area here, and the cooking area is lower. Another idea is to have a completely different part of your kitchen island - lower or higher - aimed at eating there. Check out some ideas we've gathered!

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