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bird nest easter decorations

bird nest easter decorations

Birdies and their nests are a symbol of Easter because that’s where we find eggs. This is why bird nest decorations are so popular and traditional at Easter. There are many ways to make them and rock them. I want to show you the cutest.


Terrariums are a hot trend in decor right now, and you can easily make your own for Easter with or using a bird’s nest. Take a grapevine net, fill it with moss, grass, hay, string, add speckled eggs and an artificial bird or just feathers and cover it with a bell – voila! You can give your terrarium any style you want by adding touches and elements of different styles.


Cupcake and cake stands are ideal for displaying nests. Make your nest and put it on a wooden or glass stand and you can make a whole composition out of it. Imitation leaves, flowers, moss and speckled eggs complete the look.

Other ideas

You can take a burlap wreath and attach an artificial nest to it, or you can make your own artificial nest in a vintage teacup – with moss, hay, straw, burlap, and artificial eggs. Whitewashed pots and vintage photo frames are also great for displaying bird nests.

Strip the boho decor in any room in your home to create a cohesive interior. This round-up will show you how to achieve the boho style in the entrance area. An entrance shouldn't miss your attention. It makes an impression when you enter the house, so it should also inspire. Check out these ideas and get inspired!


The boho-chic style can be achieved in a number of ways: you can use neutral and whitewashed hues, add some earthy and muted tones, or go bright and colorful to create an eastern feel. Pick a color scheme that you like and that suits your space, but remember: the lighter the color scheme, the larger the space will be, which is often essential for tiny entrances. If you prefer neutral colors, go for light and even whitewashed wood. If you like earthy shades, you can use amber, brown, beige and gray tones, as well as brightly colored rooms. Well, you know better what shades you like.


Entrances are usually home to clothing and shoe racks, benches for dressing and storing items, and console tables - the number, size, and furnishings are entirely up to you and the space you have. You can also hang a mirror, put chairs or stools, various shelves, it's all up to you. A wooden console table in a dark or, on the contrary, very light stain will go perfectly with your boho entrance. When space is tight, be small and stylish. A bench can be wood, it can be pretty neutral, or it can be a wicker bench, which is amazing for a boho room, or a leather bench - leather is a great material for free spirited interiors.


Boho-chic style is all about decor and accessories - that's exactly what makes your room free-spirited. Bring boho rugs, add some plants like cacti and succulents in baskets or just printed pots. A gallery wall with your pictures and signs or some decorative baskets on the wall complete the room. Here you are, your boho entry is ready!

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