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Best kitchen decoration
renovate wicker furniture diys

Best kitchen decoration renovate wicker furniture diys

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Summer is here and I bet everyone took out their patio furniture a long time ago. Wicker furniture is an outdoor classic that effortlessly creates a relaxed style, and a lot of us have it. Does it look good? If it's a little worn or looks old, it's not a disaster. You can give it a new life and a refreshing look very quickly. Spray painting and painting are the easiest and fastest ways, and then all you need is a pillow and some light colored pillows. I've prepared some cool projects to renovate old wicker furniture. Let's look at them.

Spray painting

Spray painting is the easiest, most effortless way to renovate your old wicker furniture. The first project has an old basket seat that needs to be updated. Transforming into a fresh, new, hip addition to your patio is as easy as it gets! All you need are a few basic hardware store items and some spray paint in any bold color you like. Follow the steps in the tutorial and make it amazing for your patio!

These old wicker chairs looked a little worn and discolored so the owner decided to give them a fresher look. This tutorial will teach you how to spray the old wicker furniture. The main tip is to put on lots of light coats instead of trying to put on a heavy coat. Otherwise there will be color gradients. So be patient and follow the steps in the tutorial to turn your old chairs into new ones!

Don't toss that worn, tired wicker furniture on the curb just yet! With a quick power wash and the easiest application of fresh, new paint, these parts get a new life and beautify your terrace with a relaxed feeling. All they need is some cleaning and a fresh coat of paint to protect them from the elements.

This tutorial will show you how to freshen up an old willow trunk with white paint. Such a trunk can be a good idea both indoors and outdoors, it is convenient for storage and can also be used for sitting. Freshening up a wicker suitcase is easier than a chair. It takes less time. If you need it, you can renovate some of them at the same time.

This old wicker chair and table got a new and fresh life with light blue color! However, you can choose any color you like and add printed pillows and a pillow for more comfortable sitting. Here's a great way to give a fresher and bolder look to a vintage piece. Get inspired!

Do you have some beautiful modern wicker chairs? It is high time to renovate them so that they fit perfectly into your own outdoor space! You will need three cans of red spray paint for outdoor use and two cans of spray sealant for outdoor use. Actually, you can go for any other color that suits you, but hot red looks very bold and interesting. A sealant is required to maintain the light color. Follow the steps and enjoy the result!

Even if your piece of willow isn't old, you can freshen it up to make it fit in your outdoor space much better. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to renovate your piece of wicker with white spray paint. Apply two coats of paint, add a pillow, light colored pillow and voila - a centerpiece of your patio is ready you will never want to leave!

These old and worn chairs have been completely renovated with white spray paint and new cushions have been created for the chairs. The author of the tutorial will also tell you how to get rid of a terrible smell that can come with old furniture and how to do it quickly and successfully. Read the entire tutorial!


Chalk painting is just one of many easy (and budget-friendly!) Ways to update your existing furniture. This tutorial will show you how to freshen up some old wicker chairs with chalk paint in a light aqua shade. The author added some matching pillows to sit on and the resulting pieces are very soft and pastel colors, super cute!

This project is a very romantic renovation of wicker chairs: it was painted a pale lilac shade before adding a homemade pillow and creating a space on your patio or garden. It takes time to paint and you have to use a regular brush and a smaller brush to make sure every tiny stain is painted, but the result is worth it!

If you fancy adding a bit of color to your outdoor space, why not with old furniture? Take your wicker chairs or other furniture and paint them in bold colors. Here it's orange, but it's up to you and the color you have on hand. Check out how to freshen up your furniture and give it a bright look.

Can't find wicker furniture in the color you want? No problem, do it yourself! Choose the color of the color you like and freshen up your furniture with it! In this tutorial, we will teach you how to repaint the existing basket pieces to make them cooler and bolder, get inspired, and tinker!

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