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bedside table alternatives

bedside table alternatives

Bedside tables are necessary because everyone needs to put a cell phone, glass of water, book, glasses, and some other items somewhere. Not every bedroom has space for a bedside table, some of these rooms are very small. Or just don’t want all of those usual tables? Then find creative alternatives to upgrade your bedroom.

Wall pieces

Wall shelves are amazing when you don’t have floor space. These can be drawers, baskets, shelves, and various types of storage. The design and size is up to you and your bedroom design. For the smallest space, use flat bags that are attached to the wall. They don’t take up any space at all.

Bed and headboard solutions

A bed and headboards can also be used for storage, this is ingenious and is also suitable for the smallest of rooms. Hang the bags on the bed, put a shelf on the headboard, attach some drawers or shelves directly to the headboard. A headboard can also contain some drawers and storage space.

Other ideas

There are much more creative ideas out there: hanging shelves, dog and cat houses that double as bedside tables, bedside tables with built-in lamps, ladders, and even piles of books. Use and create anything that comes to mind for a cool and original look!

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