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bedrooms with skylights

bedrooms with skylights

Skylights are a great way to enjoy the sky, stars, moon, and sun – everything you love and fill the room with natural light. This is a great idea to add some natural light and make the room feel bigger or to highlight the high ceiling. Let me inspire you with amazing ideas for bedrooms with skylights. You will never want to leave!

Top floor bedroom with skylights

Skylights are more commonly seen in attics, and I can’t think of anything cozier than a bedroom in the attic. The roof space problems are a lack of space and natural light, but skylights will easily solve it! Skylights bring in lots of natural light, the room looks bigger, and when the ceiling is high it is highlighted. Also, you can enjoy the view, the sky and other things which is very relaxing. You can opt for just one small skylight or use a whole bunch of them or rock windows that go into skylights and a glazed ceiling. Everything is up to you.

Usual bedrooms with skylights

Modern bedrooms that are not in the attic can also have skylights. If the style is contemporary, minimalist, or masculine, we recommend having an ordinary square highlight above the bed. Enjoy the stars and sky before falling asleep and waking up to sunlight. Get inspired!

Sometimes it is really difficult for your child to fall asleep, they don't want to stay in bed. To encourage your child to stay there, you can design a really awesome sleeping zone. To make it unique, you need a creative bed, and today I want to share some really gorgeous boy beds so your sons will love to stay in bed.


We already told you that vehicles are one of the most popular boys' beds of all time, and today I want to say precisely that vans look just amazing! If you and your kids are free spirited then go for an amazing classic VW car, it looks amazing! In addition, such a bed can be suitable for two children of different sexes. Another idea that is also suitable for multiple children of different sexes is a safari-themed room. A safari van or car can be a unique bed option that can accommodate up to two children.

Boats and ships

If you have a nursery by the sea, on the beach or in the pirate, you can build a cool boat or ship bed. Decorate it the way your child likes and it will promote many games in the area.


A tent or teepee bed is a great idea for kids who like to be outside and hiking. A tent looks unique and can create a private space, which is important when it comes to a communal space.

Other ideas

Other crazy ideas could be space-themed beds, such as those inspired by Star Wars or Star Track. A barn for a rustic room, a fire station or a fire truck. By the way, a barn is another great idea for a loft bed, as is a tent, which can provide private space.

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