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bedrooms with skylights

bedrooms with skylights

Skylights are a great way to enjoy the sky, stars, moon, and sun – everything you love and fill the room with natural light. This is a great idea to add some natural light and make the room feel bigger or to highlight the high ceiling. Let me inspire you with amazing ideas for bedrooms with skylights. You will never want to leave!

Top floor bedroom with skylights

Skylights are more commonly seen in attics, and I can’t think of anything cozier than a bedroom in the attic. The roof space problems are a lack of space and natural light, but skylights will easily solve it! Skylights bring in lots of natural light, the room looks bigger, and when the ceiling is high it is highlighted. Also, you can enjoy the view, the sky and other things which is very relaxing. You can opt for just one small skylight or use a whole bunch of them or rock windows that go into skylights and a glazed ceiling. Everything is up to you.

Usual bedrooms with skylights

Modern bedrooms that are not in the attic can also have skylights. If the style is contemporary, minimalist, or masculine, we recommend having an ordinary square highlight above the bed. Enjoy the stars and sky before falling asleep and waking up to sunlight. Get inspired!

Prepare your teenage kids' study space for the upcoming school year and here are some ideas to organize.

Teen boy study rooms

A perfect learning space for a teenage boy is often an industrial one, they can be divided or individual. Metal tube tables, scrap wood and various industrial lamps are ideal for such rooms. If your son has a modern room, make a built-in desk by the window or create floating shelves using one of the shelves as a desk. A blackboard calendar will help your son organize his time and not forget anything. Make sure you add convenient storage space - drawers, organizers, floating shelves, and built-in spaces.

Teen Girl Study Spaces

The Scandinavian style is popular for uncluttered rooms for girls, and you can add cool glamorous accents: blushing, pink and gold accessories, decorations and textiles. Wall tables are a popular option for a girl's study area. They are great for small spaces. A windowsill can double as a desk and add hidden drawers for storage. Beautify the room with memo boards, framed pictures, accessories, vases and even lights. The floating shelf above the desk helps show everyone off.

Gender neutral options

If you don't want to show any girlish or manly taste, decorate the study corner in neutral tones such as light brown, beige or gray. Another idea is to keep it super bold, such as red, green, or yellow. These are colors that are suitable for either gender. I love the idea of ​​hidden study rooms, for example a desk in a drawer that can be hidden and your child has more space.

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