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beach and coastal porches

beach and coastal porches

Do you have a seaside or beach house, or do you just live by the sea? Bring that ocean and beach aesthetic with you and feel at home in your rooms too! A porch is one of the first rooms your visitors see, and you can have some relaxing time there too, which means this is the first room for renovations and today we’re going to be doing it beach style.

Styles and colors

Going to the beach or coast doesn’t mean you don’t have to choose a style that you will have. Make your outdoor and indoor spaces coherent with the same style: modern, contemporary, vintage farmhouse, shabby chic or whatever you already use. As for the colors, you can rock different shades of blue, neutral, green, white and sandy hues, or even go bright and colorful with turquoise, orange and coral.


Set up the furniture your style – some chairs, a hanging day bed or sofa, maybe hanging rattan chairs and benches – it all depends on your space. Think of bright and fun textiles if you want to decorate brightly colored and, on the contrary, neutral and pastel colored textiles for an airy feeling. If you enjoy surfing, you can accentuate the porch with an old surfboard or a colorful one that you like. Pot greens and blossoms enliven the room perfectly and candle lanterns create a cozy atmosphere at night. Get inspired!

Are your kids bored of all kinds of bath toys? Then it's time to organize a boat race! Here are 7 ideas to quickly make a boat out of things everyone has at home. A yacht made of sponge, a speedboat made of containers from Kinder Surprise, a sailing boat made of corks, ships made of a glue tube, a common lid and wine corks will keep your child busy for a long time. Inhale more air and see whose ship gets to the finish line faster! If you don't have time to bathe, the race can be organized in a large plastic box. Have fun!

A wine cork ship

A sponge ship

A tic tac ship

A bottle cap ship

A lid ship

A children's surprise egg boat

A glue bottle ship

Video shows how to make bathing boats


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