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bathrooms with mirrors above bathtubs

bathrooms with mirrors above bathtubs

Mirrors are magical! They are timeless for decorating any room, from the bathroom to the living room, they illuminate rooms that reflect light and visually enlarge them. Plus, a mirror in a catchy frame is a gorgeous piece of your decor that will highlight your style. In bathrooms, the mirrors are usually functional parts. However, you can use one or more for decorative purposes, for example to hang them over the bathtub.

In my opinion, hanging a mirror over a bathtub is a great solution for modern bathrooms and many others as well. This mirror can not only become a great wall decoration, but also visually enlarge the room. We all know how important it is to all of those tiny bathrooms in modern urban living spaces. Of course, there will be some problems with such an arrangement and you will have to clean this mirror more often than anyone else. Although for many of you that won’t be a problem.

Choose a statement mirror to match the style of your bathroom or add a touch of the style you want: a large ornate framed mirror for a glamorous and sophisticated room, an oversized round mirror in a simple frame for a boho, or a modern room as a whole mirror wall for more light, a vintage mirror wall for a vintage glamor room and so on. You can create an entire gallery wall out of mirrors if it fits your whimsical interior. Just check out all of these lovely bathrooms we’ve put together for you and choose what suits you!

Sometimes a simple wall is not what you need and you want to create a mood or ambience that decorates it. What are the options? Gallery walls, bold paint, or original wallpaper, and you can also decorate them without breaking the bank - just make a wall art of your choice!

There are tons of wall art ideas out there, and today I want to introduce you to the most popular and trendy ones - large format and oversized wall art ideas. They are so fashionable because they immerse you in yourself and make a statement in any interior.

In fact, there are plenty of ideas for every budget, ability, and style. Painting or watercolor is perhaps the easiest idea here, and many of you love painting, I'm sure of that. Find your inner artist, take a canvas, some acrylic paints or paper and watercolors and just let yourself be enchanted by themes, colors and feelings. Seascapes, abstract prints, animals, cities - anything that comes to mind and maybe fits your decor theme will do. If you don't feel like painting, create some geometric wall art using stencils or just washi tape to create some patterns.

Photo art is another popular idea. Just print out oversized pictures and place them in frames - so easy no inner artist needed! To make the photo art more eye-catching, cut it into pieces and attach them to separate tiles to add texture and volume to your photo. Another clever hack for those who aren't feeling creative: take a finished thing, like a shower curtain with a print or picture, put it in a frame, and voila, you have great large format wall art. Poster wall art is one of my favorites: just take colored paper of your choice or take the usual and stencil it somehow, then write your favorite quotes, words or motivators on these posters and voila! To frame or not to frame is up to you.

Another idea that you would like to share with you today is a textured wall art, for example this wall art with fish scales. Such a work of art takes some time, effort, and patience, but it's definitely worth it! Prepare metallic paper circles that imitate fish scales, then staple them row by row in the background and frame the piece when you're done.

Read the tutorials below and find details on each wall art work you like. Prepare and Create!

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