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bathroom window treatments

bathroom window treatments

Window treatments can add softness to a bathroom or offer serious privacy. With one of these great ideas, choose a bathroom window treatment that suits your style and space.

Blinds and shutters

Classic white shutters or blinds are perfect for privacy issues, especially on the ground floor. They are easy to use: just twist the rod to close or open. There are also foldable screens that are easy to remove if you don’t want them, or you can only cover half of the window. They also clean with a quick dusting and can withstand moisture in a damp room.


In bathrooms where privacy is not an issue, a valance or a shallow shade that isn’t lowered often is a good choice. Shades in appropriate colors and designs, especially made to measure, make any window look bigger, and we all know that bathroom windows are usually small. Roman hues add a luxurious touch.


Curtains are intended for bathrooms without privacy issues. They give your room a chic touch and an airy and light ambience. Curtains transform your bathroom decor into refined and chic. For some privacy issues, there are cafes or half-curtains attached to the window. They look soft and noticeable.

What are subway tiles? These tiles are designed to be used in subway trains. They were the cheapest at the time and then went home too. The first color was white because it reflected light and brightened the underground stations; The tiles were glazed so they were easy to clean. If you have subway tiles on hand and want to use them to decorate your bathroom, this roundup is for you: we'll show you how!

Subway tiles in the shower / bathtub room

Subway tiles are amazing for accenting your shower room or making a bathtub backsplash. There are several different colors that you can try, from traditional white to navy and so on. You can make your tiles stand out with contrasting grout. If there's a bathtub, surround it with subway tile and your two bathing areas will be accented in the same way and style.

Subway tiles in the sink area

Highlight your sink area with subway tiles that are a different color than any other tile, or choose half-painted and half-tiled walls - this looks super chic! White tiles with black grout look eye-catching, black ones are great for retro and industrial bathrooms, colorful tiles with white grout are a good choice for any modern space. Complete this corner with cool lights in the right colors and with matching surfaces and add fantastic wall lamps or pendant lights.

Subway tiles everywhere

White subway tiles are great to use throughout the bathroom. They can be used with black grout for a bold look and white grout for a seamless look. Blacks give your room an atmospheric look. If you want something relaxing, try shades of green and blue - calm ones. You can dress up subway tiles anywhere in your bathroom or just on the walls or floors and combine them with something else. It's up to you. Get inspired!

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