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balcony lights

balcony lights

The main problem with most balconies is that they are relatively small and it is difficult to find suitable furniture and decorations for them because you want and cannot have a lot of space. We’ve already shared some clever ideas for remodeling your balcony into a home office, breakfast area, or others. Today I want to share some ideas on how to illuminate the balcony without wasting the space.

Fairy lights

This is the most popular idea: fairy lights are cheap and literally take up no space – just hang them over the balcony and voila! They don’t cost much even if you cover the entire balcony with them and make it more welcoming.

LED lights

LEDs are great for any type of lighting as they can give a happy party feel or be associated with holidays and there is nothing like that. LEDs can cover all or part of the balcony to make it more welcoming, and i love the idea of ​​covering the railing.

Lanterns and lamps

If you have some floor or table, why not add some candle lanterns or modern lamps? Candle lanterns instantly create an ambience and you will love the look! While modern outdoor lamps make your balcony edgy and chic. Get inspired!

When it comes to a bridal shower, the most popular idea is a floral one. You can choose any blooms in any number and color depending on the theme of your shower. Of course, you can put them in mason jars and forget about them, but you can be more creative and make or find cool vases to upgrade the table landscapes. What are the ideas? Let's have a look.

Glasses and vases

Makes glasses or vases something special! Paint or spray them, add glitter or sequins, put citrus slices in them to make them pop. Another idea is to cover the vases - partially - with sturdy tape, or fill them with pearls, or simply cover them with string, which is a good idea for a rustic bridal shower.

Eye-catching containers

Who needs common vases and mason jars when they can be replaced with cooler ones? Vintage teapots, watering cans, pineapples, painted pots, tin cans, spray paint bottles, and even ice cream cones - check out what they'll look like with flowers inside! There are plenty of ideas for every theme and style of your shower.

Other ideas

Cover your vases or glasses with something, or just hide them in a box, pallet box, or cover them with fishing nets for a shower under the sea. Make centerpieces look amazing and show off your blooms in the best possible way!

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