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back school kids crafts

back school kids crafts

The school year is almost on and for some kids it has started, so it’s high time to make some things that can be useful while studying or creating. We’ve already told you about some gifts for your children’s back-to-school teachers, and today we’re going to see what you can do for your children.

Back-to-school crafts for kids should be bold, colorful, and eye-catching to inspire your kids to learn and create. So let’s look at some bold and fun DIYs that they might need.

This pencil and pen pouch is made from transfer paper and washi tape. All you have to do is create your design and then print it on iron-on transfer paper. After cooling down, peel off the paper slowly and give this cool pouch to your child.

Apples symbolize fall and the begging of the school year, so make this cool pencil holder. Attach white and red vinyl to the holder and cut out and attach the seeds.

A wooden pineapple can be turned into a desk organizer. Paint the compartments with craft paints and foam brushes, let them dry, and give them to your kids. You will love organizing everything with the pineapple.

You can make exercise books in the shape of bold apples. Cut out cardboard circles, shape them like apples, and then put some paper in them. Add leaves to the apples and voila!

Decorating a notebook is easy when you have stickers. Just take a ready made notebook or make your own and then decorate it with fun and colorful stickers.

This simple pencil bag is made from a standard plastic bag and vinyl letters. You can cut and append all vinyl words and phrases, choose your own and enjoy.

Make drawing more creative and fun with these erasers. Here is the main supply Sculpey Clay Kit Amazing Eraser Clay, assorted shapes and a baking sheet.

Simple notebooks can be turned into cool and creative ones. Use decorative paper, mod pods, and glitter letters to create notebooks for different subjects.

Make a super fun pen holder that looks like an alligator. Take a wooden pen holder, decorate it with paint to make it look like an alligator, then glue wooden beads for the eyes.

If you are good at sewing, then for the money you can sew an apple zipper pouch for lunch. Make this little piece and use some money to attach it to the backpack.

Take simple pencil cases and use stencils, glitter, and mod podge to make them super bold and fun. Depending on your stencils, you can create almost any word or picture.

If your child uses a memo board frequently, they may need pins to post pictures and notes. Take flathead pins and sculpey clay and make fun gummy bear pins.

Make sure to thoroughly clean and pat dry the jelly cup after you eat. Place a washi tape, a shaped peach eraser, a sharpener, a mini colored pencil, another eraser, a paper clip, 2 rubber bands, staples and a mini sheet of stickers. This will be a first aid kit for back to school.

If you want to add a cool shabby chic touch to your room or just want something light and airy for the decor, whitewashing is for you. We've already shared some ideas for whitewashing planters, pots, brick walls, and chimneys. Today we're going to look at how to give your wood surfaces a chic, worn look.

Remove the furniture from the area so you have enough space to work. Place paper towels or plastic sheeting on the floor for protection. Use painter's tape to tape the siding, ceiling edges, molding, and any other surface where you are whitewashed. Whether it is floors, walls, ceilings or just a door, the technology is basically the same. First mix the color. How many parts of water and white latex paint you use depends on how whitewashed you want your wood to be. Sand your wood surfaces well and start painting them. Before you start painting the entire wall, it's a good idea to test a small area. Play around with the brush pressure and wiping technique until you get the look you want. Apply as many layers as you want if one is not enough. Use a rag / old tea towel to remove the excess paint and rub the white stain into the grain of the wood until you get an even finish. Let it dry and voila, you have whitewashed wood!

Read the tutorials below for more details, tips, and tricks to help you whitewash the wood in the best possible way.

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