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baby showers balloon decorations

baby showers balloon decorations

Balloons are the most popular decorations for any type of party, from retirement to wedding reception. They are affordable and come in all shapes and colors. Also, you can make cool decorations out of it. Today we’re sharing ideas for those of you who are having a baby shower and want to decorate it with balloons.

Letter balloons

Letters are very popular for any baby shower, it’s usually BABY or the name of your future child or children. They usually come in metallic tones, or you can take them in your baby shower colors.


Pacifiers are traditional for any baby shower because your child definitely needs them! Make some cool giant pacifiers in the colors you need: blue for a boys party and pink for a girls party.

Table decoration

Colorful and sprinkled balloons can be used for table decoration. Simply clip them to the sides or right in the middle of the table as dreamy centerpieces. You can make a cool backdrop out of it, cover the whole wall with ombre balloons, or just mix them with greens and flowers.

Other ideas

You can get balloons inspired by animals or marine life for a real baby shower theme. Create hot air balloons with stuffed toys using the usual balloons and just clip them anywhere to create a festive atmosphere.

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