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attic living rooms

attic living rooms

Attic rooms are usually the coziest in the house, and the smaller they are, the more comfortable they look. They have a special charm and warm feeling that seems to follow you even after you leave them. Designing such a space brings many challenges: it is usually small or even tiny, the attic ceilings make it difficult to choose lights and optically expand the space, there is often not enough light. Today we decided to share some awesome living room and attic ideas to decorate them and solve all these problems.

You can choose any style for your living room decor: rustic, coastal, shabby chic, traditional but only modern, Scandinavian and minimalist to make it look neat and consequently larger. Choose light colors and shades to make your attic room look bigger. The smaller it is, the lighter shades you need. All-white rooms are exactly what you need. Just add a few black and gray accents for a modern or minimalist decor.

If possible, make lots of skylights for two reasons: They let in lots of natural light and it makes your living room look bigger. Another reason is that you will likely get wonderful views so that you can focus your decor on those views.

Exposed wooden beams are a great idea to highlight your attic ceilings, get real or fake ceilings for a cool, real decor and make the living room even cozier.

A fireplace or fire pit can be the center of an attic living room. It gives the living room decor comfort and cosiness. Pick a bold one to make a statement. Get inspiration from real living room ideas in the attic below!

A large candle lantern can be used not only for candles, but also to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces. It is easy and quick to make decor. Let's look at a few ways you can style your lantern for fall or Thanksgiving. It can be a centerpiece or decoration for a mantelpiece, shelf, or even a porch. Take a look at these examples.

First of all, you can fill the lantern with all kinds of vegetables - not just pumpkins, as you thought, but also pumpkins, peppers, corns, berries and other things, it can be fake or real. If it's a party or wedding centerpiece, add foliage and flowers and maybe a candle.

Second, you can opt for other items like wheat, pine cones, herbs, and the like. The lantern itself can be whimsy or ordinary, it can be painted a specific color or metallic, and you can also decorate the top of the lantern with corn, corn husks, or a burlap bow on top.

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