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diy modern halloween pumpkins

At home things diy modern halloween pumpkins

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If you're a fan of modern decor and want to keep this for Halloween without using traditional bold colors and crazy decorations, we have some ideas for you. Today we're sharing some modern pumpkin ideas and tutorials to make them easy to decorate and complete your modern Halloween decor. Let's look at all of them and get inspired!

These super fun and simple modern painted pumpkins are perfect to put on your doorstep and welcome trick or treating near and far. They are done in black, gray and white with a touch of glitter and a few words and look ultra-modern and bold and cool. You can spread them on your coat or dessert table to create a creepy ambience.

Splash / speckle designs are very popular with ceramics, especially the messier and streaky ones where you can feel the force and direction of the splash. The less willful the better, but this technique takes practice to get those messy but still defined results. Why not use this cool idea for pumpkins? Make some cool splatter pieces for your modern Halloween decor!

Try something fun and cute and something whimsical with your pumpkins without a lot of work or skill. These two branches of eucalyptus look like antlers or rabbit ears, and then all that's left is to add the face. I don't know what animals or creatures are, but they look super cute and adorable. Take a few minutes to make them!

We just shared some constellation pumpkins for a trendy, galaxy-inspired decor, and this idea is related to them. These are cool black and white moon phase pumpkins great for modern decor. The phases of the moon are painted, and painting pumpkins is far superior to carving: there is virtually no clutter, and there is no danger of cutting your finger on the silly little serrated blades that come in pumpkin carving kits. Plus, the possibilities are endless. Read the tutorial on how to paint the phases of the moon on your pumpkins.

This idea is super modern, simple and great! This is a table pumpkin that serves not only as a decoration but also as a place card: you can chalk the names directly on the pumpkins. You can also leave some messages for your guests on these pumpkins or just write something like "creepy", "boo", "eek" - an ideal option for modern Halloween decor.

Here's another simple and modern tutorial: These are modern pumpkins that are painted and then pepped up with common black and white colored pencils. After the pumpkins are completely dry, draw on the designs with the paints. Make sure the pen tip is completely filled with paint, and don't press too hard or the layers of paint may scratch off. The patterns are entirely up to you - geometric or others associated with modern decor.

These pumpkin decorations aren't messy - you don't have to carve or drill anything. They are spray painted in traditional fall colors - mint and terracotta - after applying letters. The idea is to spray the whole thing - a pumpkin with letters to make it look uniform. They are really unique and bold modern decorations for Halloween.

These tiny guys have been made into message pumpkins - you can make them say what you want. Quick and easy, this tutorial is so much fun making up things for your pumpkin to say. These would be as cute as place cards at a Halloween or autumn dinner or as a gift for teachers! Or go big and paint a giant pumpkin with a message on your porch.

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