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penny tiles bathroom ideas

At home penny tiles bathroom ideas

Claw-foot bathtub in the tiled bathroom with gold hardware penny tiles bathroom ideas

Penny tiles are making a big comeback. They are a chic and timeless idea to decorate any room - a bathroom or a kitchen or wherever you need tiles. They look unusual and bold, make your space very eye-catching and easily fit any decorating style, from minimalist to industrial. Let's take a look at the coolest ideas to rock tiles like this in your bathroom. You might feel inspired to steal it.


Penny tiles are popular for covering bathroom floors because they aren't too bold and can be easily combined with many other types of tiles you might want to use on the walls. Of course, if you wish, you can continue with the same tiles on the walls as penny tiles look really nice even if the entire room is clad in them - other tiles won't! Do you want a great look? Then make your tiles bolder with contrast mortar.

Sink space

Accenting sinks and rooms is a popular idea, and you can see different backgrounds made of metal, wood, tile, and other materials. Penny tiles are a very good idea for such a backsplash, even if you don't use them anywhere else. Think bold grout and faucets and a sink that all work together.

Shower / bath room

The most popular idea is to emphasize the shower and bathtub area with penny tiles. You can make a backsplash for the bathtub, which is a popular idea now, or even highlight the entire bathtub area with penny tiles to make it more catchy. Using penny tile in the shower room is a great idea to do a little bit differently, and it's perfect if you have a walk-in shower. Don't forget that all of your tiles in the bathroom should be in harmony and read this guide to find out how to do that correctly!

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