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Amazon.de search result for: spinner diy halloween pinatas for parties

How to make a pumpkin from a paper mache balloon. diy halloween pinatas for parties

A pinata filled with candy and the like will make most children happy, and even some adults would love to break one and have candy and good fun. If you want to make a Halloween pinata but don't know how and what to do, here are a number of DIYs to choose from!

Not only are these cute mini ghost pinnates a nice party decoration, they are also great fun for those who want that. Make them with balloons and top them off with fun party hats so that they not only look scary but also very moody and happy.

This big and fun sweetcorn pinata screams Halloween as there is no holiday without these candies. It's made of cardboard and filled with delicious candy, and adults and children alike will have great fun breaking it. Stick to the colors of the traditional sweetcorn candies and hang them up for decor and added fun during the party.

Spiders are essential for Halloween, and this spider pinata is a great reminder of the holiday. The spider does not look very scary, although it is black and with googly eyes and of course it will also be a nice decoration for your party. In the end, break it and have fun!

This sugar skull pinata is great for a Day of the Dead inspired Halloween party. Since the piece is made of cardboard, it can easily hold any candy that you put in it. So just fill it with what you want and give it whatever face and decor you prefer. Let yourself be inspired and add it to your party decor!

This gorgeous Halloween ghost pinata is all about fun! I love his funny face, hands and tongue - it looks like a messenger smile and makes everyone feel comfortable at the party. Fill it with candy if you want or just hang it up as it creates an ambience somewhere.

This is not a pinata to be hit with a stick, this is just a pretty decoration. This is a fun and cute vampire catch pinata that is done in red or pink and with teeth - so fun! You can do it really quickly, it's a real last minute craft, and then put it on a table or a food station. Get inspired!

Here are some fun and brave Halloween pinates - one orange with a mask (this is a jack-o'-lantern) and one black and white (this is a skull). Make as many as you want and hang them wherever you want and let your guests have some fun with these pinatas at the end of the party. Enjoy!

Here's a bright orange smiling and fun Jack-o-Lantern pinata, a perfect decoration and fun piece for a kids party this Halloween! It features a fun and smiling face made of black and white paper that will add a light spirit to your room that is nothing scary - sometimes it's just what we need right?

These creepy but cute ghost pinates in black and white are great for Halloween decor. They will spice up a party for both adults and children. Make them with paper lanterns and hang them anywhere and let guests have fun with them later. Such a simple and pretty decoration for a party!

This simple Frankenstein pinata craft is easy to make and you can invite kids to participate. It consists of a box covered in green and black that has bottle caps instead of ears. Fill the whole box with cool candy of your choice and the kids will love to break this cute and not very scary pinata.

What I love about this spider pinata is that it's pretty natural, yet very cute - scare your guests with this! This is big black spider with many eyes, fill it with candy and hang it where you want. If you'd rather just use it as a decoration, just hang it somewhere and enjoy the effect it creates.

Go for a classic jack-o-lantern pinata in orange and black! This tutorial with a video will tell you how to make such a piece quickly and whether to use it just for decorating or for breaking and having fun. It's always a great idea that works for most parties on Halloween.

Spiders are really scary, so a large tarantula pinata will scare everyone, although I hope not too much! It's a bold piece in orange and black, and its legs look pretty natural, which makes it a perfect decoration. Fill it with candy and do it for fun during the party!

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