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agate geode bedroom decor

agate geode bedroom decor

Bring natural beauty to your space with some agate and geode touches! Today we’re sharing the coolest and easiest bedroom ideas – some of them can even be done by yourself if you feel smart. Let’s look at them.

Wall decoration

Make a gorgeous crystal or geode statement wall, better a headboard wall. Go for a bold wallpaper or mural and choose the colors according to the style and decor of the room. Another, simpler idea is to add some agate printed wall art and artwork in whatever colors you want. You can make these items yourself and hang them in frames over the bed. Another way is to try agate clocks and hangings to add value to a simple wall.

Other ideas

There are lots of ideas: agate drawer pulls, tiebacks, agate dream and sun catchers, agate decor, and even bedding – there are a number of ways you can give your bedroom an edgy feel, pick one and go for it! Don’t forget that there are plenty of tutorials for such items. Easily find them and do some crafting – that way you’ll pay less for this trendy decor.

Not only Christmas trees create a holiday atmosphere in your home. Evergreen garlands are also great for decorating holidays and can be used in a variety of ways. Let's look at some ideas for rocking.


Evergreen garlands can be used indoors in several ways: to decorate railings, to cover windows and archways, bed rails, to cover pendant lights, as well as chandeliers and mantels. You can also garland common furniture for a festive feel. Combine evergreens with lights and ornaments, with bows and pine cones to make the garlands bolder.


Outside, you can cover the entrance, porch, railing, and other items. Make your garland bolder with foliage, pine cones, ornaments and lights, with fake berries and fruits. Add a matching Christmas tree and wreath and voila!

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