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accent walls to spruce up space

accent walls to spruce up space

An accent wall is a bold piece of decor for any room, and a great idea to easily spice up any room. Such an option literally suits any style. You can accent a wall with anything you want – wallpaper, decals, paint, natural materials, or ultra-modern panels or tiles. If you want to choose your own option, I’ve prepared a few ideas to take a look at. Most of them are timeless, the most fashionable being shapes and wallpaper with accent walls, but these aren’t the only options. Let’s look at all of them!

Painted accent walls

The most popular idea for creating an accent wall is to paint, as it is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to go. You can go for a bold color to create contrast, try dark hues for a touch of drama, or use relaxing hues to make your space more inviting and larger for a break. Try stenciling your wall with geometry as it is very trendy right now. Go for color blocking – it’s a great idea to make any piece of furniture or corner on this wall stand out.

Wallpaper / decals

Wallpaper or decals are another super cool idea for creating accent walls. Plus, wallpaper is a hot trend that makes such an accent wall even bolder. Choose wallpaper according to the colors and style of your home, but rock something bolder than the rest of the room – remember, this is an accent wall. There are tons of prints and patterns, various wallpapers with ombre and watercolor effects, and murals with photo walls that make an impression. Look out for floral wallpapers which are a timeless idea to rock.


Wood is a timeless material to rock, it will never go out of style and it won’t cost you much, especially if you already have some scrap on hand. Any decor style will look great with a wood accent wall. Just choose a suitable option for it. If it’s a coastal interior, think of a whitewashed and slightly worn accent wall. If it’s a rustic room, go for a weathered wood accent wall. If you have a modern room, opt for sleek wooden panels in bold colors. A wood accent wall gives every room cosiness and warmth.

Stone brick

Brick accent walls were so popular that they became classics and they will never go out of style. Nothing adds texture and interest to your walls like brick. Bricks come in many shades, and you can paint them any way you want. They fit most spaces, from entryways to bedrooms, and bricks will go with almost any decorating style. Artificial or natural stone is also great for adding texture to the wall, but it doesn’t look as tough as it is better for traditional, vintage, and shabby chic spaces.

to form

Shaping is a timeless idea that is currently trending: it is used not only in traditional or vintage interiors, but also in minimalist and many others. You can combine moldings of your choice with a light pattern and color that you like. Shaping is a great idea for literally any space from the living room to the dining area. It is usually not used in functional spaces such as bathrooms or kitchens. Add a touch of drama to your room!

It's high time you made an advent calendar for an adorable countdown, and today's recap is dedicated to them: the coolest advent calendars, but they're not common, they're drinkable and edible! Edible calendars are usually made of cookies or candy, since they can do without a refrigerator for a long time and are loved by everyone. Drinking calendars are for adults as they contain alcohol. But you can also try to make a tea calendar. Now let's check out the coolest DIYs.

Edible calendar

Simple vanilla and shortbread cookies are perfect for creating an advent calendar that will be loved by kids and adults. The cookies are shaped as numbers for an easy countdown. You can put them on a tray or just hang them anywhere, on a branch or on a holder. Don't forget to make holes if you want to hang the cookies!

What a Christmas without gingerbread? Make a wonderful advent calendar with gingerbread cookies in all shapes and looks that are inspired by the holidays. Don't forget to drill holes and glaze the numbers or maybe add candy numbers to the cookies, hang your calendar and enjoy!

This cookie calendar is a nice idea: it consists of different types of Christmas cookies with glaze: snowmen, candy canes, bears, stars, snowflakes and so on. You can put the calendar on a tree-shaped tray or put each cookie in a pocket. It is also a cool idea to hang the calendar in the shape of a tree.

Cakes Pops are loved by everyone! Make some red and white, put edible glitter numbers on them, and voila! Take a cardboard Christmas tree and put these cake pops with numbers on it. Your calendar is ready. The recipe is in the source!

Countdown with kisses! Real and Hersheys! This calendar is made up of Hershey's kisses tied to the calendar with a green and red ribbon to give it a holiday feel. The tutorial is very easy to implement and does not take much time.

This calendar is made with oreo cookie balls and chocolate, and numbers are added on top. Such sweets will delight both children and adults, and you can add whatever you want to them - there are a lot of ideas for varying the recipe. Get inspired!

This gingerbread cookie calendar has a strong Scandinavian feel due to the traditional shapes and the red and white glaze. Read the recipe to make the cookies and glaze them. Try your own shapes to delight the family. Have a delicious countdown!

Grab some candy you like and make an advent calendar! Just cut out some cardboard loops and stick candy there, that's it! The idea is pretty simple, you can just hang it up and vary the cardboard shapes to create what you want. Get creative and make a cool and tasty piece.

Are you a vegan Then this countdown is for you. You need to make 24 popsicles with banana ice cream: the green ones are colored with a little spinach, the brown ones with cocoa, and the pink ones with a little beetroot juice. What a wonderful and delicious idea!

Angel-shaped cookies with cinnamon and gingerbread make a wonderful Christmas countdown! The numbers are added on paper or card, and the cookies are hung wherever you want.

Button cinnamon brown sugar cookies with icing are an ideal thing to make a calendar. Glaze them with numbers and hang them on colorful threads and voila - a delicious advent calendar is ready!

Drinkable calendar

Make a wonderful gift for yourself and create this wine advent calendar! It consists of 24 wine bottles, each decorated with a Christmas ornament and a label with numbers. If a large bottle is too much for you, go for small bottles of wine.

do you like beer? If so, then this cool beer calendar is great for the countdown! One box is covered with cardboard with numbers and there are beer bottles or cans in it. Decorate the box with Christmas decorations, snowflakes and paint it in winter colors.

Your favorite wine can be a cool base for a calendar! Take a wine rack, decorate it and put wine bottles there - 24 to celebrate every day. Add colorful tags and quotes to each bottle (the bottles can be small) and voila - your calendar is ready!

This alcohol calendar consists of different types of small alcoholic bottles that are filled in paper rolls. Shape a Christmas tree out of paper rolls or whatever shape you like, put small liquor bottles inside and cover the paper rolls with paper with numbers. Decorate the whole piece as you like and enjoy!

Here's another beer calendar! Take a crate or box, put 24 bottles or cans of beer there, and add tinsel to make it look cool. Put cardboard numbers on each bottle to create a calendar and enjoy! To make the countdown even more special, choose different types of craft beer for the calendar - a different bottle for each day.

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