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40th birthday men party ideas

40th birthday men party ideas

To be 40 years old means to be a mature person with life experience. So why not celebrate this great date in a cool way? I offer you to look at around 40th Birthday party ideas for men today and I’m sure you will find inspiration!

Party decor

Find out which party theme or style you want: Las Vegas, Rustic, Mustache, Beer Party or any other and glue the decor accordingly. Make a photo collage in the shape of 40, place your favorite guitar and other things. Organize a cigar and alcohol or a beer bar with beer starters. Actually, for a male party, the decor isn’t that difficult and should be over the top – you just have to feel comfortable and have fun!


Rock a cool 40th Birthday cake! The most popular idea here is a cake from Jack Daniel that is topped with real bottles, looks so cool, manly, and appropriate – we all know whiskey gets better over time, just like you! You can rock any other type of cake if your theme and style are the same. For example, replace a cool Jack Daniel bottle and cake with Coca-Cola cans. If it’s a beer party, they mainly serve beer starters, and you can create a dessert table too, as a lot of people love sweets. Get more creative ideas below and have the best party ever!

IKEA Bekvam spice racks save space on the countertop. Solid wood can be sanded and surface treated as needed, and of course many of us don't use it like spice racks! What are the ideas to rock them?

Firstly, the IKEA Bekvam frame is the most popular product that can be turned into children's bookcases, as they are usually not very thick and such a frame can easily accommodate several of them. Sand the racks and paint them to your liking. Let them dry. Then clip these racks where you want to create a children's reading nook or near the bed to inspire the child to read before bed. You can find several tutorials for different colors here.

Do you have a lot of nail polishes? Use the Bekvam rack to store them. Paint or glitter and pin where you want, then put all of your nail polishes on the rack. Such a frame is also suitable for other make-up and cosmetic products.

For effective storage, add a breadboard in the home office, then add IKEA Bekvam racks. You can easily hold books, documents, folders, pens and other things that you need.

Hack your bekwam for your baathroom. Simply attach the leather strips to the underside of the BEKVAM and insert the stick as a toilet paper holder or kitchen towel holder.

Finish your pantry with IKEA Bekvam racks to hold essentials. Just paint them to your liking and attach the racks directly to the doors. Then place all of your chemicals and other things in place - so convenient and so easy!

IKEA Bekvam is great for bathrooms, paint them and hang them on the walls. Then place all of your cosmetics, makeup, and various purses.

With the SVARTSJÖN hook rack and Bekvam spice rack, you can create a cool entry shelf for keys and accessories. Just assemble the spice rack. Then put the coat hooks on the front and mark the places where holes will be drilled for the screws.

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