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 chalkboard kitchen decor ideas

404 chalkboard kitchen decor ideas

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If you are thinking of a kitchen renovation that doesn't require a lot of money or effort, but still makes your space cooler, bolder and more unusual, I have an idea for you - go for blackboards! There are different ways to incorporate a blackboard into your interior and these boards are always very functional. Do you want some inspiration? Let's start!

Blackboard walls / backsplashes

A blackboard wall or backsplash is a classic idea for a kitchen of any style: black goes with all sorts of color schemes and styles. Such a backsplash or wall won't cost you much and can be used for taking notes, leaving messages, jotting down recipes and making shopping lists. Yes, such a backsplash is not very practical: it is not very easy to clean, but you can renovate the greases and cheaply add a coat of paint. A blackboard wall can be used for art by your kids while they cook, or you can attach some railings with herbs and mark them all with chalk. A blackboard wall with art and everything will make a beautiful accent wall in the kitchen.

Other ideas

How else can you add chalkboard surfaces to your space? Cover an outside or inside surface of a closet - for art or markings, or for a fresh look. The same can be done with a refrigerator, for example, and it's a nice place to leave your shopping list there. Hang a blackboard sign in your tea / coffee bar or make a large blackboard with spice racks to mark the spices without labels. Enjoy!

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