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4 experiments for children with a wow factor – Mama Kreativ
personalize water bottle diys

4 experiments for children with a wow factor – Mama Kreativ personalize water bottle diys

4 experiments for children with a wow factor – Mama Kreativ personalize water bottle diys

Staying hydrated is necessary all year round, but carrying a water bottle everywhere will help you especially now. How can you freshen up your water bottle a little to make it stand out and look cool? Here are some DIYs using different techniques and materials, choose the best idea!

The first project is to hand label a super girly and cute bottle. This is a pink bottle with colorful letters - choose the words you like! The tutorial includes some free download patterns for decorating the bottle. Get inspired and make a super glamorous bottle!

There are many ways that you can get your own lettering on bottles. But one easy cheat is to use a really pretty font and a cricut machine to get a fantastic result. A labeled water bottle is customizable and perfect for literally any occasion. Of course, you can always carry the bottle with you. Read the tutorial and make some cuties!

This bright and glamorous unicorn water bottle is a bold and cool solution to staying hydrated. There is a silver unicorn with letters cut out. It is technically dishwasher safe, but the authors recommend washing it either on the top dishwasher rack or by hand. Read the tutorial to make this cute bottle and enjoy!

How can you easily freshen up your bottle without wasting a lot of time? Paint a cute pink heart on it! Read how to paint a heart with a stencil and lovingly inspire your bottle - a great idea for Valentine's Day!

This bottle will motivate you to do more sports as it contains a motivational message. The bottle contains some light colored letters that are attached to the bottle. Pick any color of the letters you like, and if you don't have a sticker on hand, glue the letters and voila!

Here is another motivational bottle for you that is also made with stickers. The idea is very simple: find the right stickers with the motivation you need (this is the time to drink water) and then just put the stickers neatly on the bottle. Enjoy!

Here is a simple project for personalizing your usual water bottle. The tutorial is pretty simple: you should use a Cricut machine to make a bold and cool monogram and attach it to the bottle. The monogram can be any look you like and any color that goes with your bottle for inspiration!

There are so many fun things you can do with vinyl and Disney designs, and this project is about: spicing up your bottles with some designs. Here you can see Mickey Mouse designs attached to brightly colored bottles - they look so cool and will be amazing for both Disney fans and kids. Read how such bottles are made and follow all steps.

These amazing bottles are made cooler with origami designs - they are painted right on the bottles. Read about what colors to use and how to recreate these designs in the source and make your bottles modern and bold. Such an idea is suitable for everyone.

To personalize these colorful bottles, the authors used transfer paper and vinyl. The idea is to make stencils and paint with vinyl paints. Read how to make such bottles easily and quickly and follow the steps for the coolest look. Get inspired!

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