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39 Renovation of the laundry room in a country house style, #Farmhouse #Laundry #laundryroom #Makeover # R…
mudroom laundry ideas

39 Renovation of the laundry room in a country house style, #Farmhouse #Laundry #laundryroom #Makeover # R… mudroom laundry ideas

39 Rustic laundry room remodeling, #Farmhouse # Laundry # Laundry room #Makeover #R … – 39 Farmhouse laundry room remodeling mudroom laundry ideas

A laundry is a necessary place for every home as we all wear clothes and it sometimes gets dirty. If you have a large family, laundry is a must as the amount of clothing is likely to grow very quickly. Not every house has space for a laundry, as you will need to put a washer, dryer, some shelves and hangers for the clothes. Where can I do a laundry? When space is tight, hide a washing machine in the kitchen or bathroom, do a laundry in the basement, or use your mud room to create one.

Mudroom linen combinations are very comfortable and look great when they are well decorated. It gives you the option of not using living space for a utility area, which is a great advantage. Even if your mud room is tiny, it can contain some necessary items: a washer, dryer, and some closets, shelves, and hangers. You can hide them behind doors or curtains to keep the mess room tidy, or on the contrary - expose them. Mudroom cabinets and shelves can also be used for laundry purposes, this is very convenient.

When decorating a mudroom laundry, remember that it is better to choose light colors and shades, as these will visually expand the space and reflect the light that is often lacking in a mudroom. Add more light to the useful areas where you wash or hang your clothes to see everything clearly. If you have a tight mess room, position the laundry equipment so that it doesn't prevent you from walking. Closed cabinets keep your space looking neat, but open shelves won't make your mess room look that bulky. You can also conveniently attach your hangers to the hooks on the open shelves. Use mudroom cabinets and drawers to store laundry detergent and other necessary items. If there is not enough space, think vertically: stack the washer and dryer on top of each other and you will have more free space. If possible, make a sink in the room, it can be useful.

Do not hesitate to organize a wash in your dirty room. Still, it is possible to keep such a space neat and stylish using the tips we have given!

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