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27 DIY PVC Pipe Project Ideas That Are Actually Useful pvc pipe crafts

27 DIY PVC Pipe Project Ideas That Are Actually Useful pvc pipe crafts

pvc pipe crafts

PVC pipe can be a great material for various types of crafts. You do not believe that? I'm going to win you over today with this bunch of cool pipe crafts for home decor and not only.

If you still have PVC pipes, don't throw them away, use them to decorate your furniture. Sometimes it is not enough to simply repaint your old furniture. Give PVC pipes a unique touch. The idea is to cut them into rings and attach them where you want them.

These DIY PVC pipe napkin rings have a slight African touch. The PVC pipe pieces have been sprayed with copper paint, and this beautiful ethnic ribbon is reminiscent of Africa. But of course you can take any other tape you like.

Who could think that a cool desk and bathroom organizer can be made from common PVC tubing? These organizers can be used in many other places that you need to keep some small things. Cut the pipes and clip them together. Paint the organizer if you want.

This project is so simple it almost hurts and this is the cutest industrial planter ever. All you need is a basic power tool knowledge to put it all together with a drill, jigsaw, and small sander. The great thing is that it is completely customizable. You can just make it any size and add as many succulents as you want!

Have children? Then the toys are likely to be all over the floor unless you have good holders. Here is a cool toy organizer made from a box and PVC pipes. This tutorial is about gluing the pipes together and then attaching them to the box.

Industrial furniture is super trendy and chic and costs a lot. But you can make your own furniture out of PVC pipe and some wood. This tutorial will show you how to make an industrial table with PVC pipe legs. Better take metal tables to make it stable.

Since the school year has already started, there is nothing more current and popular than an organizer for every work or study space. This desk organizer is made of PVC pipes, the parts of which are fastened together and painted. You can create any monogram or letter you like.

This fantastic wreath is made of PVC pipes and is suitable for every season and every vacation. Simply attach PVC pieces to form a wreath and then use various decorations. These can be leaves, ornaments, nuts, pine cones, etc.

There are so many ways to make a DIY sunburst mirror, but here's one more. You can make it out of PVC pipes. Create various cool patterns you like and paint it any way you want.

Here's another idea for making pots out of PVC pipes. Here the pipe is placed vertically rather than horizontally so it won't be a big planter. Decorate and paint it however you like.

A PVC pipe can be sewn! Yes, it is true! Here the author sewn hearts, and then you can use it as a pen holder or any other holder of your choice.

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