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14 Poolside Must-Haves | Furniture & Decor | The Cameron Team diy pool accessories

14 Poolside Must-Haves | Furniture & Decor | The Cameron Team diy pool accessories

diy pool accessories

August is in full swing and we are trying to get more and more summer until we make it. Here are some pool accessories that you may need to make your time at the pool perfect and relaxing. These things are not just for parties, you can use them to relax in your pool on the weekend. All of these items can easily be made by yourself. So read the descriptions and tutorials and enjoy!

Pool heating is especially necessary now when it can be a bit chilly outside but you still want to swim. Here is a pool solar heater. The solar heating lets the water in the black pipe heat up in the sun for an hour and then pumps it into the pool. If you have a small pool this is a great idea. Just read the tutorial and go for it.

The second tutorial differs from the first in terms of material and manufacturing method. The solar panel is made from a plywood and vinyl irrigation hose and is wrapped tightly onto the plywood with UV-resistant zip ties to secure the hose to each foot.

Do you need a cool floating tray for treatment right in the pool? Here is a tutorial! The tray can be made of plastic, galvanized or coated metal, or even wood. However, be careful that water does not cause damage as it can occasionally splash. All you have to do is attach pool noodles to it and voila!

This tutorial is also dedicated to making a plastic pool bowl with a pool noodle. Use industrial grade E6000 heavy duty glue as the shell will be submerged in water and other glues may not last long. Put your drinks and snacks on it and enjoy!

Another convenient thing in the pool is a drink carrier. Of course, a pool noodle is a basis for such a craft. The bottom should be two lengths the size of the can or bottle. Read here in detail how you can realize this craft.

Another mug or can holder for your pool needs to create a similar tutorial. Do something for your guests and serve drinks right in the pool without leaving them! It's a perfect thing for any pool party, both kids and adults.

A noodle float can hold drinks, snacks, and toys, as well as anything else you want. To make such a float you will need a plastic container of your choice and of course a pool noodle. Such an accessory is indispensable for pool parties.

Do you have a lot of pool swimmers? Make a holder to stack and keep them in order. You will need a wooden round, rope, glue, and hooks. The floats are held in place with ropes and hooks.

Here's another cool pool bowl! This time no pool noodles are needed, just made of wood. Wood can easily float itself without special materials. Such a tray can hold glasses, books, even drinks and snacks.

To help your kids have more fun in the pool, you can make some pool octopus friends. All you need is large red plastic cups, big googly eyes, and waterproof glue.

And another craft for kids is the sponge ball pool game. You will need frisbees and sponges. Put the frisbees in the pool, let the kids soak their sponges and take turns trying to throw them into the frisbees.

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