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13+ Extraordinary Ideas for Minimalist Home Minimalism

 minimalist kitchens

13+ Extraordinary Ideas for Minimalist Home Minimalism minimalist kitchens

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The minimalist style is one of the most popular: it is modern, elegant, elegant and very laconic. You don't see any unnecessary details here, just pure design. There are many other advantages to this style and many designers and homeowners are choosing it. If you want a minimalist kitchen in your home but don't know where to start, this round up will help.

Colors and materials

Minimalist style is minimal, yes, which means that white, black, and a palette of neutrals are your choices for such a space. White is the most popular option, it fills the room with light, makes it look bigger and it never goes out of style. If you want to soften the crispy look, go for neutral colors like light brown or gray - add them or just stick with them. If you're looking for a trendy, moody look, graphite gray and black are your options. Do you want some colors? This can also be done by using a light shade that you like and mixing it back up with neutral or black colors. Keep it stylish and modern. Think edgy two-tone kitchens which are so trendy right now that such a choice is sure to make your space catchy.

Minimalist rooms are often seen as cold. To avoid this, all you can do is add some warm materials to the design. First and foremost, it's wood and plywood that you can use to make your cabinets. Second, this is stone and marble in warm tones.

Furniture and accessories

You can opt for upper and lower cabinets or just stick to lower ones to release the space and make it airy. Imagine a large kitchen island with an additional countertop for dining - it may or may not be made of a different material. Go for a statement hood and built-in appliances as your kitchen should be sleek and clean. Add minimalist lamps and built-in lights and there you go!

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